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 -Still Life Two 'Onions'- 

Gallery/Sale Room

A selection of current work.

Please view the commissioning section for information about working with me.

Dream Stones

From my earliest memories I've been drawn to pebbles. Having a fascination with there endless variety of shape and colour, the pleasure of holding them, there feel in the hand and the processes that formed them. The erg always to pick one up and keep as a memory of place and time, imbuing them with a wish or hope.

The designs for these small works stem from a variety of sources. Often from patterns and shapes appearing in the world around us, a butterflies wing, a flower, ripples of water or simply passing imaginings.

They have a relationship with long lost civilizations and the carved symbols that remain in the landscape, these often being the only legacy of a vanished people, there meanings often surrounded by mystery but in some way they still have resonance with us today.

 Dream stones 
 Pebble 1 
 Pebble 2 
 Pebble 3 
 Pebble 4 
 Pebble 5 
 Pebble 6 
 Pebble 7 
 Pebble 8 
 Pebble 9 
 Pebble 10 

-Carved Pebbles- 

Prices begin at £45 and vary depending on size and design.