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Malcolm Sier

Commissioning a piece of work can happen in various ways and there is no hard and fast rule.

A client may have a quite clear idea in mind of what they're looking for and what will be suitable and fitting for the situation. Others, on the other hand may have only a very vague idea, so through a process of discussion and sketches we work together and develop an idea which will lead to a final design.

In any instance its always best to contact me first to discuss options. But, before doing so its a good idea to consider what your realistic budget for the project would be and if there is a particular time scale or special event.

Commissioning Process

On first meeting with a client we discuss ideas for the proposed project. This can either take place at my workshop where I have stone samples and photographs or at the location where the piece of work is going to be sited.

After this initial meeting I begin drawing sketches, exploring ideas for the piece, at this stage often working closely with the client in a process of collaberation and exploration. This may take time allowing ideas to fall into place, the final piece will be something considered and generated from this close working relationship between myself and the client. As with each stage of the process nothing is rushed.

The next stage will involve producing a detailed scale drawing of the proposed final piece, along with providing an estimate of cost. This quote will include any site visits along with delivery and safe installation of the work. On larger projects payment for design work may be requested at this point.

Once a mutually satisfying design has been agreed and any necessary permissions have been obtained I make a request for a deposit, this usually being a third of the total cost, and then order the stone from the quarry. A further payment being made at the halfway point, with final payment made on completion. On large projects I will request that payments be made in regular stages as work progresses. Once work has begun clients are always welcome to visit the workshop at any time. When carving is complete I contact the client to make any arrangements, at which point I deliver and install the work myself.

Time scale of work can depend on and be influenced by a variety of things, some as pointed out above, further considerations being dependent on the time needed by the quarry to supply the required piece of stone and my work load, but in all instances I keep the client informed as the work progresses.

Please follow the links on the contact page to get in touch.

Many thanks!

Malcolm Sier