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 Heraldic Carving 
 -Sentient Rise- 

Sculptor & Letter Carver

I produce a wide range of commissioned works including Memorials, Signage, Garden Features and Sculptural pieces through to Public Arts. All work being individually designed and inevitably varied.

Responding to each opportunity with due care and sensitivity with the aim of creating something unique. My approach to the work is constant, consideration and design, love of the natural beauty of materials and carving techniques.

Whenever possible exploiting the sculptural potential of a piece, integrating the aesthetic and expressive qualities demanded on each occasion, from shape and form to the textural feel of incised lettering, and through the creative processes involved conveying feeling and spirit in each piece.


 -Short stories- 

My work as a memorial artist



 -Youthful Endeavour (detail)- 
 -Word Wall (detail)- 
 -Frank Foley- 

Inscriptional projects



 -Touchstone 1- 
 -Sentient Rise- 
 -On The Breeze- 

Abstract and figurative works




Letter forms designed for each situation



All work is produced by hand, from design drawing to finished carving. Using the finest  Limestone's, Slates and Sandstones.

My inspirations range from natural forms, ancient carvings of ours and other cultures, the varied history of carved lettering through to more contemporary art and calligraphy.